How to Choose Keywords with Google Suggest

Tricks to choosing quality keywords when you have little time and no experience. 

“Give the audience what they want but not what they expect!” – William Goldman 

Have you watched the videos where “celebrities answer the web’s most searched questions?” Why do these videos work well? Because these videos give the audience what they are looking for. That’s what you need to do too.

What is Google Suggest?

When you start typing something on Google, the search engine provides you suggestions of what it thinks you may be looking for. This is Google Suggest: the helpful (and at times annoying) autocomplete feature on Google.

How do I use Google Suggest?”

It’s simple: just start typing something relevant to you. For example, if you sell water bottles, start typing ‘water bottle.’ Google will provide suggestions. Write those down. Keep changing the words you type, such as, ‘blue water bottle’, ‘blue recyclable water bottle’, ‘blue recyclable water bottle for kids’, and so on.

You can also try Keyword Tool API, a tool that automates your keyword research process.

Why is Google Suggest effective?

  1. It’s fast. You start typing, and suggestions start popping up in a fraction of seconds. Oh, and they keep changing as you keep typing.
  2. It’s based on the search history of past users. This makes the suggestions relevant to what the audience is actually looking for.
  3. It requires no expense or expertise. You don’t need to purchase any tools or be an SEO expert to find suitable keywords. All you need to do is type something that describes your product or service.

Now, open a new tab, start typing suitable words, and find the right keywords!

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