How to Leverage Instagram’s New “Swipe Up” Feature

Gone are the days of “check the link in my bio…” It’s now time to “swipe up” to cross-promote content like never before.

What is the “swipe up” feature?

“Swipe up” is a feature on Instagram that allows you to add a link to your Instagram story. When the viewers swipe up on your story, Instagram will direct them to the webpage of your choice. This is a quick and useful method of boosting direct sales, website traffic, traffic on other platforms, and more. 

However, there’s a catch: You must either have over 10,000 followers or a verified account (with a blue check) to access this feature. It’s another excellent reason to take your follower count seriously and to always look for ways to increase that number.

How to use the ‘swipe up’ feature

  • “Swipe up to get a free evaluation.”
  • “Swipe up to get 25% off your next order.”
  • “New YouTube video. Swipe up!”

The above sentences are strong CTAs (Calls to Action).  They:

  1. Give you a reason to swipe up
  2. Explicitly tell you to swipe up

First, let people know what they’ll get when they swipe up: a video, online shop, survey, link to app, or discount code. 

Second, point out how you want your viewer to act: in this case, by swiping up. You can communicate this with text on your story, or by using a gif that says “swipe up.”

Is this really worth it? (Yes!)

The ‘Swipe Up’ feature can help you increase your visibility across all online platforms. You can take your Instagram audience to your company’s website, a survey, your YouTube channel, your blog post—absolutely anywhere you want. The improved visibility can help drive sales and increase your following or subscriptions on other platforms.


  1. Create a new story
  2. Add a link 
  3. Start getting people to swipe up!

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