The 5 CRM Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is there to make your salespeoples’ lives easier. And it works – presuming salespeople practice good CRM habits.

So, as you work on maximizing the value of your CRM, make sure you start by instilling these habits across your sales team:

  • Enter Leads Right Away

While some leads are generated automatically (e.g., they subscribed to your newsletter from your site), others are manual (referred during your last call). Some salespeople prefer to add the latter types of leads at the end of the day. Bad idea. Too much will happen between now and 5:30, and it’s easy to forget where you left all the information that you’ll have to dig up later.

  • Be Thorough

Market segmentation – grouping potential and/or existing customers based on common attributes – is one of the most powerful CRM capabilities. Always take down information for your most important attribution categories. Keep this in mind as you’re collecting information about leads.

  • Use the Calendar Feature

Because why not? It keeps you on task, helps you stay organized and keeps other team members up to date. If you prefer Google Calendars or some other calendar separate for your CRM, just make sure you integrate them.

  • Make Sure You’re Always Linking Contacts to Opportunities

Some CRMs make this easier than others, but the idea is that you want each of your contacts to be linked to an opportunity. Also, you want to be meticulous about ensuring that each stage of a given opportunity or deal for a particular contact is always up to date so you know what phase a particular contact is in for a specific type of deal.

  • Keep a Close Eye on Conversion by Source

This will help you see what sources of leads are over- and under-performing and help you direct your efforts accordingly.

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