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Social Media Manager

Mischief managed. Also, audience-first content calendars managed. 

Paid Marketing Specialist

Social? Search Engine? Traditional? If you know it we want to know you.

Meet the Team

Anna Estes

Social media manager

Anna Estes is a genius when it comes to making people look and sound good. Anna not only schedules, manages, and monitors client social media accounts, she’s also a fantastic photographer.

Andrea Bemis

Director of client success

Andrea adds a wealth of experience to the Black Raven team, having worked in a variety of tech-related roles for the past 16 years. From quality assurance to SEO implementation, marketing, brand management, project management, and more, Andrea has applied her knowledge to become a superstar client success advocate at Black Raven. Above all else, Andrea enables clear and consistent communication with our clients and internal teams. And that’s not all Andrea brings to the table. As a mother, wife, daughter, and sister, her family and faith are foundational aspects of her life. If she isn’t working to ensure positive results for our clients, she is likely planning a family event, working with her church’s youth programs, or playing her favorite board games with friends.

Brandon Kueker

web developer

Brandon Kueker is a web developer extraordinaire. At Black Raven, Brandon makes sure the technical aspects of the websites we build are working as they should be. He also helps provide out-of-the-box solutions to solve unique client needs.
An important value for Brandon is freedom, the ability to pursue what makes you happy in life. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, video games, and movies with good twist endings.

Brian Moncey


From for-profits to non-profits, Brian has spent the last 15 years helping organizations connect with their audiences. He’s done this in roles as creator, manager, vendor, and client. Born in St. Louis to a large Irish family, he’s a husband, a dad, a novelist, amateur student of astrophysics, zoology, and learning to drink good bourbon.

Brian’s two primary roles at Black Raven: The Glue, and The Grease. On the sticky side, he brings everyone together around a unified vision that puts people first. On the slick side, he helps things keep moving forward to make sure clients are getting better solutions. Brian keeps the team burning hot instead of burning out, while the audience gets served well every step of the way.

The scariest show he’d recommend on Netflix? Black Mirror

David Lewandowski

Digital marketing Generalist

From his time in the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) to his time in the NAVY, David has gained a diverse skill set that he now brings to everything he does at Black Raven (accept maybe the combat stuff, we don’t use those very often on client work). David leads projects from a variety stand points and serves clients by making sure things get done the right way the first time.

Kym Bohl

Project manager

Whether she’s working one-on-one with a client, or managing workflows for the Black Raven Team, Kym is a pro at organization and communication. She enjoys working with people, getting to know the ins and outs of every project. Her curiosity and organizational skills make her someone you want on the job to keep things moving.

Nicholas Hibbeler

content manager

Nick Hibbeler is Black Raven’s Content Manager, working with clients to develop and edit written content for their websites, blogs, social media, and more. Nick has worked in a variety of roles including developing training materials for remote work programs, producing live events, producing multimedia content, and offering freelance writing and editing services.

Nick lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He loves his friends, his family, and the chance to wake up every day and learn new things. There’s a lot he likes to do in his spare time, but if you checked in on him, there’s a good chance you’d find him taking a walk in Tower Grove Park, reading on the porch, or practicing piano by the window.

Whitney Vioski

Creative Director

Whitney is a Creative Director at Black Raven, which means she pretty much gets involved with a little bit of everything for our clients. From leading other creatives, to getting her hands dirty and designing herself, Whitney brings vision and clarity to projects in the face of mounting details and deadlines.