Content Writing

Use digital content marketing to capture and hold your audience’s attention over weeks, months, or years.

When it comes to internet marketing

Content is king.

The first step in a customer’s journey is rarely to “call a salesperson.” Consumers want to watch a video or read what you have to say before they engage with you. Creating great content is key to appealing to your target market. Whether you’re announcing something new or reinforcing what you already offer, we’ve got you. With Black Raven’s Digital Content team, you can keep your audience excited and informed.


Written content like blogs, case studies, event recaps, and more can drive your website’s SEO health, put your expertise on display, and give you a dynamic way to share what your company is up to. Black Raven produces quality written content, provides editing services, and helps you formulate a content strategy that serves your objectives and speaks directly to your audience. 

We don’t just generate content for search engines. We work with our clients to develop their unique tone, voice, and custom content plan, making sure your written content is a true reflection of your company’s values and objectives.

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Articles and Blog Posts

Offer industry knowledge, valuable insight, and engage your audience with strategically-curated blog content. Black Raven collaborates with clients to produce articles that put your subject matter expertise on display and encourages further engagement with distinct calls to action.

Case Studies

Engage your prospects with case studies that tell the real story of how your brand offers value. Black Raven can help you develop content that speaks directly to your audience—case studies that represent their shared challenges and highlight your unique solutions.

Landing Pages

Your website is a malleable digital platform that you control. Black Raven can create landing pages for your website that weave into custom sales funnels, serving your broader prospecting goals. Use landing pages to feature value added content, capture unique contacts, and drive website traffic with the latest updates and offers from your brand.

Marketing Collateral

An active marketing strategy demands a steady supply of written, graphic, and audiovisual content that represents your brand in consistent and compelling ways. Black Raven can help you build and maintain a library of collateral marketing materials that can be used and repurposed to serve your immediate and long-term marketing goals.

Video scripts

Video is the most powerful form of branded content you can use to capture attention and communicate value. Black Raven’s video scripts are guided by our audience-first approach. We work with clients to establish a clear message and brand voice, producing scripts that lay the groundwork for incredible video content on any platform.

White papers

For effective B2B marketing, you have to know what your audience is looking for. Your prospective partners and clients want to know how your business can address their challenges and unlock greater opportunities. Black Raven’s approach to White Papers centers your audience and shows them exactly how your services or products can serve their goals.

our four-step process:



Identify your audience.
Together, we discover who your audience is and how best to communicate your message to them. The result? Strategic, targeted interaction, aimed at serving your audience better, delivering your desired message, and driving sales.



Hand-crafted content.
Leverage a team of marketing pros to build a stream of digital content that meets your goals and represents your brand well.



Formatted, uploaded, shared.
Whether it’s a one-time engagement or an ongoing campaign, we’re available to make sure your content does what we designed it to do.



We do, review, and renew.
We deliver consistent and high quality content, and we’re not about to let things get stale. We review the impact of everything we produce to learn and inform our continued work to connect with your audience.

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