Social Media Management

Capture the attention of those who matter most. Reach your business goals with audience-first social media powered by Black Raven.

Your social media presence is

the first point of contact

for much of your audience.

Social media networks often act as search engines for consumers who want to learn more about your brand. Yet social media trends and best practices aren’t common knowledge, and creating content that invites and drives engagement from your desired audience can be a challenge. Black Raven sees this challenge as an opportunity for you to hone your brand’s voice, define how you want to be seen online, and gain exposure among a captivated audience. We help you understand the social media landscape, what platforms are right for your message, and what strategies will best accomplish your social media objectives. We work with you to lay out a calendar of social media content that aligns with your most relevant marketing themes, creating a steady flow of post visibility for your followers. Finally, we develop written and graphic social media content that conforms to your brand’s voice and connects with your audience.


Your voice, your message, your audience…someone else’s platform. Our team of geniuses know how to navigate the sometimes troubled waters of the major social media platforms like:

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Whatever the project, we guide our clients through a focused, four-step plan.



Discover who you’re trying to reach.
We develop an audience persona, then concentrate all of our efforts on those you want to serve.

Identify your business objectives.
We learn what “success” means to you. Then, we develop a plan that connects your audience with a social media approach that meets your goals.

Strategize with the Black Raven team.
Whether you’re looking to improve your existing social media presence or launch new accounts, the team at Black Raven is ready to collaborate with you to develop a strategy that speaks to your audience and serves your objectives. We work with you to determine themes that best suit your message, and lay out a calendar of social media content that will result in a steady distribution of posts related to those themes. We also offer creative ideas to enhance your social posts and encourage audience engagement.



Say exactly what you want to say on social media.
Black Raven can help. Our experienced writers and social media experts can help you craft clear, concise posts that are consistent with your brand’s voice.

We write, edit, design, and revise collaboratively.
We create posts to achieve your desired social image and tone, delivering your message to your audience to encourage sales and brand engagement.



Give us the keys. We’ll drive.
We collect necessary account information, store it securely behind 2-factor authentication, and manage your accounts according to agreed-upon strategies and content.

Let us handle the complicated stuff.
Managing multiple social media accounts is time-consuming and requires users to understand the ins and outs of various platforms’ rules and practices. Not only that, but social media platforms are constantly evolving. 

Black Raven has your back.
We utilize social media management software to schedule your posts in advance, ensuring quality before they go out, and offering precise control of when they post.



Social media is always changing.
…and effective social media strategies are adaptive. As trends emerge, we look for opportunities to better represent your brand online.

Stay on top of performance on each platform.
Through social media management software, we track metrics associated with user engagement. At Black Raven, we don’t just report those numbers, we present them in a way that makes sense, and we recommend adjustments to your strategy that can help you improve your performance.

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