Paid Marketing

Reach your audience with branded messages and targeted ad campaigns. Develop a platform strategy and sales funnel that drives awareness and sales results.

To reach your audience

paid digital ad strategies

must be fine-tuned and designed to produce results.

Are paid digital ads right for your business? It all depends on your approach. Black Raven develops each paid ad strategy with our client’s goals, values, and audience in mind. Once we define your audience, we work with you to create a digital ad strategy that serves your business goals for sales, awareness, and/or recruitment. With the right strategy, advertising on digital platforms can be a powerful way to grow your business. But you have to do more than throw money at the problem. Black Raven can help you craft an ad campaign that accomplishes more than just increased impressions.


Platforms like Google and Facebook have made it incredibly easy to buy promoted posts to boost your impressions. Although campaigns like these will always put more eyes on your advertising message, they don’t always produce desired business results. Supercharge your paid advertising with strategic targeting and a goal-driven sales funnel that will convert leads and improve awareness among your desired audience.

our four-step process:



Describe, locate, and target your audience.
Most digital platforms provide easy ways to run promoted advertisements, with limited targeting options. However, a crudely-designed and untargeted marketing campaign will be scattershot and ineffective. Black Raven collaborates with clients to identify target market demographics and choose content channels that hit the mark.

Chart the audience journey.
A focused, goal-oriented ad campaign is more than a boosted post. It’s a thoughtfully-designed sales funnel that offers compelling value through a distinct call to action, followed by a value offer that will attract and engage your intended audience.



Ad content that catches eyes and communicates value.
Once we have identified the best methods and channels for your ad campaign, we create captivating branded content to support your message. Paired with a tailored sales funnel strategy, your ad content will promote your brand and kick off the audience journey.

Supporting content brings home the bacon.
You don’t spend time and money developing digital ads for brand awareness alone. Your digital ad campaign can feature distinct, targeted calls to action that convert your digital audience into leads and eventually, adopters. Black Raven develops custom sales funnels through special value offers, website landing pages, branded content, and more.



Launch ad campaigns with confidence.
Your goal-driven ad campaign will be scheduled in line with your business goals. We use audience and market research to find the right tone and cadence for your campaign, and we factor in your ability to fully process the audience response.

Refinement through data analysis.
Digital ad platforms can tell you a lot about how your audience responds to the content you promote. As advertisements and sales funnels begin to produce results, we look for lessons in the data that can help guide future changes and implementations.



A good ad strategy can be made great with internal and audience feedback.
At Black Raven, we don’t shy away from continuous improvement. We research and review results against your stated goals to evolve campaigns whenever the data shows us clear paths to improved metrics.

Adapt new sales funnels by focusing on what works.
Each brand’s unique audience responds differently to unique value offers. How you communicate and what you offer should always reflect what is most compelling to your audience. Black Raven helps its clients develop and refine these funnels for continued success.

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