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Optimizing Marketing Efforts for Major Sporting Events: A Playbook for Local Brands

In the exhilarating arena of sports, advertising plays a key position. Professional sports is big business, not just because of the ticket and snack sales. Sports teams and leagues have dozens of ways to sell their captive audience to advertisers and they make staggering amounts of money doing it. These include ad revenue, sponsorship revenue, naming rights, and more.

From the roar of the stadium to the airwaves of radio and television broadcasts, the synergy between sports and advertising is strong. We’ve even seen ads make their way onto the field in the form of jersey logos. National and local brands both use sports to market, but they operate on different playing fields.

National vs. Local: While national brands unveil multimillion-dollar campaigns, local businesses tap into team fervor by crafting advertising that aligns with the local team’s performance and resonates with the community.

Creativity is King: In this dynamic arena, the key to success lies in creativity. Local businesses can’t match the scale of national campaigns; instead, they thrive by deploying unique and imaginative strategies that capture the essence of major sporting events.

Know Your Audience

Demographic Synergy: Sporting events bring all kinds of people together. Understanding the overlap between your business’s audience and the viewership of major sporting events is essential.

Wide Appeal: Major sporting events, like the Super Bowl or World Series, cast a wide net, reaching various demographics. Recognize this diversity and tailor your marketing efforts to align with the behaviors and purchasing habits of your specific target audience.

Creative Marketing Ideas regardless of your budget

Volvo’s Game-Day Pledge: In 2020, Volvo orchestrated a game-day social media campaign that echoed far beyond the final whistle. Pledging to give away $1M worth of cars in the event of a safety, they turned a reasonable ad cost into a customer database-building strategy.

Themed Promotions: Local businesses can create a buzz by organizing themed promotions related to major sporting events. Think watch parties, game-related sales, and specials that amplify the excitement of the event.

Interactive Social Media Campaigns: Move beyond traditional TV commercials with interactive social media campaigns. Utilize polls, quizzes, and contests related to the big game themes. Leverage popular hashtags and trends during the event to ride the wave of online conversations.

Limited Edition Products: Introduce limited edition products or services that commemorate or celebrate the event. Build anticipation, market exclusivity, and leverage scarcity to drive demand. 

Collaborations and Partnerships: Forge alliances with influencers, sports personalities, or other local businesses for joint promotions. The benefits of cross-promotion and mutual marketing efforts can extend the reach and impact of your campaigns.

Reach Your Audience

In the symphony of major sporting events, local businesses have a unique melody to play. When the game is over, it’s not just about the score on the field; it’s about the lasting impact of a shared experience. Creative marketing strategies tailored for effective game day promotions can elevate local brands and cultivate lasting awareness.

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