Posting to Facebook: 2020

What you post to Facebook probably won’t reach your audience organically. These two techniques will increase your effectiveness.

Yes, it’s true: “Organic reach” on Facebook is practically non-existent. That means your Facebook posts won’t reach many people unless you spend money “boosting” (or “promoting”) them. 

That means any company that wants to be successful on Facebook will need to make some investment. Even after spending money on posts, they may not yield the expected results. And this is why you should know exactly how to post on Facebook in 2020.

Technique 1: Leverage Facebook groups

As organic reach gets lesser and lesser, start exploring Facebook groups as a means for marketing. Find groups of your niche, join them, engage with the members, and share posts in these groups. 

Remember: Facebook groups are all about the community. The more you engage with and become involved in other’s posts and activities, the more engagement you will receive, too.

Facebook groups will, first and foremost, help you find customers. But these groups can also help you understand what your potential customer looks like and what they expect from your product. 

BONUS: You may also find people you want to hire!

Technique 2: Run ads, but don’t forget to post content on your page

Suppose you saw an ad for a painting contractor right when you happened to be looking for someone to paint your she-shed. Hopeful, you click the brand’s name only to find a blank page.

Would you trust a brand—of any kind—with no posts?

Of course, with low organic reach, paid Facebook ads are crucial to your company’s success leveraging social media.

However, you can’t overlook posting to your page! Your posts act as proof of your expertise and encourage your viewers towards a favorable decision. 

So, run ads, but don’t forget to keep your page active.

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