Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

How can you create a compelling copy that converts? Understanding these marketing strategies will help you make the most of your email marketing.

Here are some powerful tips you should consider using to write emails that convert:

  • Unique subject line: Your subject line can determine whether people will read your email or ignore it. Choose a killer subject line that reveals how your email is useful for the readers.
  • Preview text: Preview text is the text that gives people an insight into the body of your email. In simple words, it’s the first line of your email. The ideal length of the preview text is 35 to 140 characters. Be wise to use these limited characters when crafting emails.
  • Know your target audience: Understand the needs of your audience in advance. Analyze social analytics to gain visibility on your audience’s demographics and write clickable emails.
  • Motivate your readers: Consider rewarding your readers once they open your emails. This works wonders. You can send a free ebook or any other promising gift that makes stay aligned with you.
  • Test & split test: Take out time to split test your opt-in forms, subject lines, email content, and CTAs. This helps you decide where you need to refine your email to come up with the best version.  

Wrap-up: Employ the above-mentioned tips to help you create convincing emails that drive leads and revenue. Be conversational and humanize your approach to make your emails readable and interesting.

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