Get targeted, high-value traffic through audience-first Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Gets a Bad Rap

A well-designed website will connect your audience’s needs with what your organization offers. But if you don’t make sure your audience can find you through popular search engines like Google, your site will have limited reach. In other words: If you build it, they might not come!

Websites with a smart SEO strategy can draw in more visitors.

But SEO gets a bad rap. Too often, companies invest in search engine optimization that either doesn’t move the needle or only works for a short time. Not so when you work with Black Raven.

Our audience-first SEO service employs targeted, up-to-the-minute techniques to set your website up for lasting success.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Too many businesses feel like they throw their digital marketing and website into a black hole. Don’t do it! Let us help you create an SEO strategy that:

  •     Serves your business objectives.
  •     Is designed for your audience.
  •     Is on the bleeding edge of SEO search — meaning you’ll show up in search results where it actually counts.


When you work with Black Raven, you know you have a local, on-shore SEO expert working on your project. We don’t sub this critical work to the lowest bidder. We only trust your campaign to a member of our team — someone we know well (and have coffee with regularly!).

The Process
Step 1: Reveal

“Traffic” isn’t the objective — it’s high-value, qualified traffic. We discover who you want to reach and how you can serve those people. Then, we find that happy place in the Venn diagram where their desires intersect with your goals.

Step 2: Create

When you work with Black Raven, you collaborate with an on-shore, white hat SEO expert you can trust. Together, we tailor an ongoing strategy that will work no matter what’s going on in Silicon Valley.

Step 3: Deploy

Using strategic keyword targets based on your desired audience surveys, we implement technical and on-site search engine optimization.

Step 4: Optimize

What makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow. Black Raven SEO specialists report back to you regularly, make adjustments, and keep finding new ways to reach your audience and meet your goals.

Our Work

Check out some of our work (we are from the Show-Me State, afterall).

Ready for takeoff? We’ll help you fly.

Soar on the wings of an audience-first SEO strategy. Contact Black Raven to get started on a Search Engine Strategy to fuel your growth today.