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Capture the attention of those who matter most. Reach your business goals with an audience-first website from Black Raven.

50 Milliseconds

Your website has 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds) to make a positive first impression. 
But not everyone’s attention is worth grabbing. A great website is targeted — designed specifically for your unique audience.

With Black Raven, you can create your website from an audience-first perspective.
Together, we’ll identify who you’re trying to reach, then build a site that connects your goals with their needs.



On the front end, visitors to your site will know exactly what to do and where to click. On the back end, you or your staff will be able to make changes easily and efficiently. Under the hood, it’s all managed on a powerful proprietary mix of best-in-class website technology.


We believe form and function should go hand-in-hand. We craft the images and words on your site to look appealing and make sense. Our primary objective is, in short, to make you look good.


We hand-select every tool first and foremost for its security and reliability. Then, we perform third-party security audits of our platform to keep the bad guys out. Our on-going support customers get the added benefit of regular backups, site checks, security scans, and updates.

See your website through the eyes of a professional. Click here to schedule a free assessment and we’ll show you how your website could be more functional, more searchable, and more attractive to your audience.

The Process
Step 1: Reveal

Discover who you’re trying to reach.

We develop an audience persona, then concentrate all of our efforts on those you want to serve.

Identify your business objectives.

We learn what “success” means to you. Then, we develop a plan that connects your audience with a site that meets your objectives.

Strategize with the Black Raven team.

Competitive analysis report + SEO research + a visual sitemap = a birds-eye view of what we’re going to accomplish together.

Step 2: Create

Begin with a limitless horizon.

Our best practice development process makes space for your team and ours to collaborate. We design from scratch — not from templates.

Set yourself apart.

The audience persona and sitemap we create will give the finished product a uniqueness your audience will notice.

Integrate our work into your current reality.

Have a CRM, software service, or process you want us to accommodate? No problem. The work we do will fit with — or enhance — how you already do business.

Step 3: Deploy

Check, double-check, triple-check.

Before you go live, our team will run extensive tests and checks to ensure the site is functioning properly and looks great.. Then we turn it over to your team for a final site check.

Our team will “flip the switch” together.

Website launches are kind of a big deal for us, so we make them a big deal here at our office. We’ll have lots of hands standing by to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

One month, one year, or forever.

Some businesses just need help getting off the ground, but most of our clients stick with us because, to be honest, we’re pretty handy to have around.

Step 4: Optimize

Track and review relevant analytics.
Your website’s success is measured against your unique business objectives. We track and explain measurable metrics to better understand what your audience responds to.

Keep your website secure and safe.

With best in class hosting for WordPress and best practice regular automatic and manual procedures, we will keep your website healthy and looking great.

Continuous Improvement

Never settling for today’s design and functionality, we’ll help your website keep evolving as new technology becomes availability and new ideas pop into your head.

Our Work

Check out some of our work (we are from the Show-Me State, afterall).

Ready for takeoff? We’ll help you fly.

Soar on the wings of an audience-first web design. Contact Black Raven to get started on your site today.