How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

The next time you write content for your website, make it findable by Google. Here’s how.

1. Make it easy for the audience.

When you create content, you want your audience to find it. After all, that’s why you’re creating it — to connect with your audience.

Begin this way: Think about the words your audience would Google when searching for a particular topic.

Suppose you were writing this article on choosing the right keywords. You would expect your audience to Google something like: “How to find the right keywords for SEO,” or “tips for SEO keywords.”

Once you’ve thought about the words people use when they search for an article like yours, make sure you include those words in your content. 

2. Explore and incorporate different types of keywords.

Most people assume a keyword is merely a single  word that boosts your blog’s presence. But the right keywords could be just one word or a set of words together. 

To make your content SEO-friendly, you must adopt different types of keywords into your content. The different types of keywords are:

  • Heading keywords: 1-2 words
  • Body keywords: 2-3 words
  • Long-tail keywords: 4+ words

The essential factor here is specificity. The longer the phrase, the more specific it is, and the fewer search results there’ll be when people type it in.

3. Research your keywords using tools.

Finally, use the keyword tool of your choice to maximize your efforts. These tools help you find related search terms, give data on each keyword (such as their monthly searches), show you how your competitors are doing, and more. 

Some tools worth exploring are:

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