Don’t Send the Wrong Message: SEO Tactics to Avoid

Optimizing your website is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. But with ever-evolving algorithms, you’re required to be on your toes to ensure you maintain your search position.

With that said, most SEOs fail to keep up with the updates resulting in outdated practices that adversely affect their position – or worse, penalize them.

Here are the SEO tactics to avoid, which can hamper your online growth:

  1. No Mobile-friendly experience
    Almost half of your traffic comes from mobile devices. And if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s unfit in the eyes of Google. So, make sure your site is responsive, and every element of it (button, navigation, etc.) are mobile-friendly. To verify, you can run a cross-browser compatibility check.
  1. Skipping Title Tags or meta descriptions
    Ready to hit the publish button after finishing a blog post? Relax! No matter how fantastic your writing is, if you overlook title tags and meta description, search engines won’t rank you.

Title and Metas must not be taken for granted as they give an idea of what to expect to your visitors. Even best of SEOs overlook putting relevant keywords which bring no result.

  1. Choosing the wrong keywords
    The most famous of all SEO mistakes: wrong keywords; it doesn’t satisfy the search intent destroying the whole purpose of SEO. Therefore, proper keyword research is advisable to find relevant keywords and use them strategically.

Despite ever-evolving search algorithms, sensible focus on user intent and experience guarantees SEO success. Make sure you write for a human and optimize for the machine!

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