Effective Content for Brands on Twitter

For brands who can find their audience on Twitter, building an audience there can be a crucial part of their online marketing strategy. Twitter is a versatile platform, but building an engaged audience takes dedication. Twitter can make it easy for you to communicate your brand message. Here are 3 types of brand content you can post on Twitter to boost your social media presence:

  • Brand news: You can share brand news through tweets or threads to let your audience know about major events and major developments related to your brand or industry. With Twitter, you can deliver relevant news and information to a larger audience using hashtags and multimedia posts. 
  • Questions to engage followers: Asking your followers questions can help you engage with them and build a more authentic relationship. Question posts will allow you to listen to your audience’s feedback, understand their values, and build your brand accordingly. Twitter has a poll feature that makes the process of asking questions easy, allowing you to provide a set amount of predetermined responses.
  • Blog post links to drive traffic: Unlike Instagram, Twitter allows you to add links to your posts and direct your followers to your website. Twitter posts have a character limit of 280, so consider using a URL shortener like Bitly or Owly. Links like this will help your website traffic and brand awareness.

Twitter can be a useful tool for your brand. By investing some time in creating content for Twitter, you can increase your awareness online.

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