How Article Backlinks Can Boost Your SEO

High-quality backlinks to your website dominate the SEO realm. These inbound links work as powerful ranking signals. Google favors your search engine ranking if you have backlinks from trustworthy websites.

Here are some ways to boost your SEO using article backlinks:

  • Create a well-crafted pitch:

In the old days, you had to approach publishers and ask them if they would share your content as a backlink. This isn’t pertinent today.

Creating a pitch proves helpful. Let people know why they should feature you.

Some important tips to create impactful pitch:

  • Inquire about the publisher before you contact them. What is their audience? What appeals to their audience?
  • Learn about writing styles. How can you make your content leap out?
  • Email your introductory pitch. Put forward your proposal for consideration.
  • Once you get a confirmation, embed links to your website along with relevant mediator references. Promote your content on different social media platforms to drive maximum engagement. 
  • Create engaging content:

Know what type of content works. Infographics are a superb choice. People quickly comprehend visual data.

Try creating interactive content such as quizzes, slide decks, and PDFs to engage the readers. This way they will spend more time on your website. Update content regularly. Ensure, it never goes behind time.

  • Check backlink audits:

Use tools such as SEMrush to discover sites from where your competitors get backlinks. Share your pitches with them so you can target the relevant audience.

Follow the above ways to get qualified backlinks to your website and ensure your business is easily discoverable to your prospects.

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