Approaching Marketing in Times of Crisis

In the light of the lockdowns, non-essential businesses are shut as people are asked to not go out and buy watches and clothes at retail stores. As a result, marketers are facing a hard time staying relevant. However, the silver lining of the situation has forced them to act sensibly and adapt to relevant marketing at such a time as this. 

Here’s how to approach marketing in times of crisis:

  1. Pivot your social media marketing strategy

People have their attention focused on the current state of the world, so consider all your posts to make sure you don’t appear tone-deaf. Consider sharing content that gives readers hope for a better tomorrow or emphasizes what is good about life.

  1. Adjust the tone of your post

During a crisis, know what your audience’s emotional and mental state is, and adjust your message accordingly. It’s time to be sensitive and practical. Furthermore, build a community and foster meaningful relationships with peers, customers, and even competitors. And you can do this by offering generous discounts or relaxed payment plans.

  1. Use content to serve/help your customers

In light of the lockdowns, many leading Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are offering free/discounted courses. Also, many delivery companies are bringing groceries and essentials to different localities without any fee. You can also curate your content or offer in a way that could add value to your customers in hard times.

  1. Leverage video to stay connected

Videos are more emotionally-evoking, so make sure to send your message on all your video platforms.

It is indeed crucial to analyze the results of the marketing strategies deployed. Remember, brands that are flexible enough to pivot during these times last longer in the long run.

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