How to Create a Compelling Tagline

Create a winning tagline that your audience will connect with!

As you and your creative team work on your tagline, you must realize that a tagline is not just a bunch of words or a mere slogan. Yes, creating a tagline seems easy. In reality, an effective tagline is all about being concise. You have to take everything you are, and put it in as few words as possible. The key is: start with as many words as you need to fully define your business and connect with your audience, then start breaking it down.

Most importantly, a tagline conveys the relationship between you and your customer. Here’s how to create a compelling one:

Start with your audience

Your tagline is meant to speak with your audience, so that’s exactly where you should start. Dig deeper into their psyche and understand what moves them. Consider answering questions like:

  • Who are they?

Who is your audience? What are their expectations and aspirations?

  • What do they value?

What does your audience value the most? Is it security, status, love, power, or something else?

  • What are their problems?

What are your audience’s biggest pain points? Is it their finance, health, or job?

  • How do you uniquely solve those problems?

What is your unique approach to solving their problems? How are you different from other players in the market? 

Next, define your brand

  • Express your unique value proposition

How do you stand out from everyone else? Capture that message in your tagline, just like Apple did. Apple’s unique value proposition is its unique software, designs and patents. The company does indeed think outside the box, and so its former advertising slogan, “Think Different,” seemed to capture their essence very well. Similarly, express your uniqueness in a way that makes you “you” in your industry.

Pro tip: Refer to your client’s testimonials to find your unique feature.

Here are two final aspects to keep in mind:

  • Keep it crisp: A short and sweet tagline is memorable; do not exceed 5-6 words.
  • Must have a ‘ring’ to it:  Your tagline must connect well with your brand name and become a call to action for your audience.

It’s time to start understanding your audience, and then dig deep into your uniqueness!

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