How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

The best ways to unlock your full potential on a content-saturated platform

How much engagement do you get with your Facebook posts? Are your efforts for organic reach on Facebook as productive as you expected them to be?

To be honest, achieving a good organic reach on Facebook isn’t easy, especially with how content-saturated this platform is. If your posts aren’t performing well, you need to figure out what went wrong. There are some reliable ways to address this to build a strong Facebook audience and expand your reach.

Here’s a sneak-peak into the best of them:

  1. Trust the numbers:

Keep a track of what kind of posts are getting the most engagement. Check Facebook Insights to know the peak hours when your audience is highly active. And then, study the metrics to know when your competitors post content and what they post: learn from their successes and failures.

  1. Invite-only groups:

Create invite-only groups to promote your brand, products or services. All you need to have is a shared goal, and you are free to build valuable groups to attract an audience that will want to actively engage with others. Such invite-only groups work as platforms to build and nurture a community. Also, they help you draw customer retention and loyalty.

For example, some bloggers build a huge subscriber base, which brings them a rich audience when they are ready to launch their book. 

  1. Expand your reach on other social media platforms:

Some platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok have very high organic reach. Start using those, and then leverage this audience on LinkedIn or TikTok to expand your brand. Ask your followers to follow you on Facebook, and make the most of cross-promoting yourself.

One thing that brings all these things together and actually brings you results is your engagement on your own profile. Interact with your audience and community, and also engage with their posts. You’ll definitely see noticeable changes in your Facebook reach very soon!

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