How to Gain Followers on Twitter

What is your follower count on Twitter? It’s hard to get a word in edgewise on this crowded platform, and adding followers will ensure that your message will reach your audience base.

A significant Twitter following implies you have a strong engagement with people. Putting it more simply, it means you serve value to your audience.

How can you get more followers on Twitter? Here are a few actionable measures you can implement to help build a loyal audience base.

Tweet Regularly: Plan a content calendar to generate new ideas to tweet frequently. You can share breaking news, updates from the industry, and other relevant information. You can use tools like Hypefury or Hootsuite to schedule tweets months in advance! Ensure your Twitter feed is filled with meaningful content that engages your audience.

Post at the right time: Time your tweets. Always post content when your audience is active. This helps your content get much-needed exposure.

Make it Visual: Visual content is highly anticipated. Infographics are excellent performers. Remember that compelling content will serve your audience and growth potential.

Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags when tweeting. Studies reveal hashtags help your tweets get higher visibility and engagement. Find out the trending hashtags and use them to promote your tweets to a wider audience.

Tag, Retweet, and Reply: Engage with your audience. Humanize your brand. People should know you care about them. Make this evident by tagging, replying, and retweeting.

Optimise your Twitter profile: Keep your profile updated. It should have a professional profile photo, a complete bio, and an insight into your business/brand.  Wrap-Up: Avoid bot followers or spam accounts. Make sure you include the above-mentioned tactics when creating your Twitter marketing strategy.

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