How to Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Here’s how to keep viewers glued to your website!

Have you ever checked a website homepage and then left it within a couple of seconds?  You bounced!

The bounce rate is the percentage of total website visitors who visit a website and abandon it without viewing other pages. It’s reflected in the frequency of single-page visits.

How much do you bounce?

A bounce rate of 30-50% is optimal. One within the range of 50-70% is average. However, a bounce rate above 80% is adverse and indicates your webpages aren’t relevant to the users.

How can you reduce the bounce rate?

Determining the factors that act as stumbling blocks to a low bounce rate is extremely important.  Identifying and removing them will significantly impact the bounce rate.

First, increase your site’s page speed.

A page that takes too long to load is a page that will make viewers restless and force them to leave. So, site pages should load quickly and grab the visitors’ attention immediately. 

Here are some ways to enhance site speed:

  • Optimize web content
  • Use a reliable host
  • Lessen image size
  • Remove inessential scripts

Second, improve user experience (UX).

User experience is crucial to your site’s success. The users must find it easy to interact with your website. To enhance user experience:

  • Organize your content effectively and make relevant content easily accessible
  • Compress high-quality images and videos
  • Use compelling CTAs (Calls to Action) to announce subscription benefits
  • Optional: Run exit intent pop-ups to convince hesitant viewers to stay, right when they are about to exit the website

A low bounce rate is all about putting your audience first and giving them irresistible reasons to stay. Are you doing that?

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