How to Write Content Your Audience will Share

Maintaining an active blog can be vital for any business, it signifies that you have a plethora of knowledge to share with the market and add value. However, not every blog is loved and shared by the public.

It takes a proper mix of story-telling and information sharing that makes it easy to absorb the message and is also share-worthy.

Here’s how you write content your audience will share and love:

  1. Create powerful headlines

80% of the people will read a headline, while only remaining will read the entire article. Subsequently, a catchy headline can boost your traffic by 500%. So, investing plenty of time on a compelling headline is totally worth it.

  1. Include relatable story

Simply stating facts and graphs is boring. Rather, build a narrative around your message and share a relatable story. This will help you strike the right chords with your readers.

  1. Leverage trends 

Tap into the ongoing trends and share your views on it. Check out Google Trends to find out what interests people towards a particular topic.

  1. Share your content online 

Promote, promote, promote! If you want your content to be loved and shared, you need to promote it. Share it on social media, find suitable influencers who can endorse and amplify your work.

Eventually, in order to write a share-worthy content, engage with your audience and identify what they’re looking for. Talk to them as a friend and not as a brand.

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