Learning From Red Bull: Global marketing

Redbull, a popular energy drink appreciated worldwide by top athletes, university students, and business professionals, belongs to Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company known for its energy drinks range. This company also distributes and markets other popular drinks such as Simply cola, the Carpe Deim, and Sabai Wine Spritzer. 

Red Bull went from a small start-up to an unbeatable marketing presence in a brief period. They did it with top-notch global marketing strategies

Here is how they utilize global marketing strategies and what we can learn from them: 

  • Loud and proud on social media: Red Bull dominates social media with authority. They create short, sweet, and awesome content for popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The dynamic social media posts of Red Bull stops the users from scrolling past.
  • Sponsorships and events: Sponsorships and events are other essential parts of Red Bull’s marketing strategy that helps them build authority. Their publicity stunts are super unique and make the audience watch their content.
  • Creating content around the audience’s interest: Red Bull publishes their content everywhere for their audience to see, and focus on activities that their audience would be interested in.
  • Consistent visual branding: Their consistent visual branding is also a key contributor to their brand’s success. 

Red Bull’s global marketing strategies work because they utilize storytelling skills to entice their audience and give first priority to their content. They are also quite committed to the adventurous aesthetics that their brand created.

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