Learning from Tesla – Website Design

The electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla doesn’t need any introduction. In fact you probably already know that Tesla makes electric vehicles that are futuristic, fast, and fun to drive. Tesla’s marketing and public awareness efforts are a huge part of their success. Their website encapsulates this well.

Tesla has a lot to teach other automobile companies, and any curious web designer has a lot to learn from their website. So what does Tesla do right with their site?

  • Simplicity
    If you want to build something simple yet exquisite, look at Tesla. Nothing fancy, just simple and intuitive design.
  • Interactive Scrolling
    As you move to the Tesla Products page (https://www.tesla.com/model3), you’ll come across a wonderful hero video accompanied by a list of features and benefits. As you scroll down, you’ll discover parallax scrolling and animation that reveals the inner workings of a particular model.
  • Support Chat Option
    It may seem like an obvious addition, but this shows that even Tesla sees the value in providing a virtual chat agent to better assist and understand their consumers. This proves that sometimes a personal connection is the best way to interact with your customers.
  • Short Video
    In its Model 3 page, you will find a short video of Tesla Model 3 racing across the beautiful mountains and streets. This symbolizes that they are a green automobile company that has a positive impact on the environment by moving away from fossil fuels. Furthermore, a short video is engaging, which reduces the bounce rate as well.

In the end, while designing websites, the basic values represented by Tesla’s website are:

  • Simplicity
  • Interactivity
  • Engaging
  • Informative

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