Maintaining and Utilizing a Content Calendar

Do you find it difficult to be consistent when it comes to content marketing? A content calendar helps you fix it.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a strategy to plan and collate future content. It helps set content publishing schedules. A well-planned content calendar helps content marketers to align their marketing efforts to achieve the set goals.

What should a content calendar include?

A content calendar includes the following elements:

  • Topic with an assigned author
  • Priority Order  
  • Dedicated writer, editor, publisher, and scheduler
  • Platforms links where content needs to be posted

Integrate the above elements to design an actionable content calendar.

Why should you use a content calendar?

The main benefits of using a content calendar are:

  • Organize content and notice content gaps
  • Brainstorm to create new ideas based on audience engagement
  • Gain a better perspective of your content marketing plan
  • The main key to gain consistency
  • Post relevant content to engage the readers
  • Transparent way to make teams visible and refine content strategy·   

Templates to create content calendars

  • Google Sheet: A Google sheet is the ultimate tool to create a social media content calendar.
  • Trello: Featuring a simple interface, Trello helps you make notes, add links and files.

How to make a content calendar work?

  • Create relevant headlines to convince people to read your content
  • Set realistic goals and obey deadlines
  • Experiment with different content types such as ebooks, podcasts, short-form content, long-form content
  • Track content using codes or labels such as in operation, completed, editing, and scheduled for posting
  • Add CTA to encourage your audience to take the required action to boost conversions

Select the right tools and strategy for your content calendar to escalate your business goals.

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