Pro vs DIY Videos: What’s best for you?

A smart video strategy is more important to marketers than ever. But when do you need to bring in a pro?

In recent years, the binge-watching culture has boosted the value of visual content.  Videos have now become prominent on all social media platforms, and even in newsletters and blogs. 

In fact, video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. If you haven’t entered the video marketing world yet, now is the right time to start.

What makes a video “good”?

A good video is one that tells a story and connects with its viewers through that narration. It’s clear and edited seamlessly, enhancing the viewer’s experience and helping them  stay engaged. 

More and more, videos created for online consumption employ subtitles. This makes the content easier for viewers to consume — especially if they prefer to watch it on mute.

Should you go DIY or hire a pro?

DIY Videos are good for:

  • Exploring and experimenting how video can help you in social media marketing
  • When you have a lot of free time, or one of your employees needs a challenge
  • Candid videos of you and your company

Pro is good for:

  • Videos with calls to action that are intended to lead to a sale
  • Telling a bigger story
  • Using sophisticated graphics, cameras, etc
  • Creating testimonials of clients (saves your client’s time and video is high quality)

What’s the right choice?

Your decision between a DIY and pro video depends on how crucial a video will be to your bottom line. 

Do it yourself if you have the time and inclination to  experiment with videos. However, it’s best to pay for a professionally-produced video when you don’t have the luxury to experiment, need the video completed on a specific timeline, and want outside expertise to help you reach your audience.

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