SEO Myths Busted

Just like any other industry, the SEO industry has myths and misconceptions. The myths about SEO do not let digital marketers achieve their goals. And of course, no matter how much awareness Google tries to create about them, some myths just don’t die. 

Given below are seven myths about SEO that you need to stop believing: 

  • Keyword density improves page ranking: Frequent usage of keywords is helpful but using the exact percentage of keywords in a page’s text doesn’t make a difference. Instead, it can prove to be harmful to your page. 
  • Social signal is a ranking factor: This one is a bit confusing. Backlinks are a ranking factor, and social media positively impacts links, but that doesn’t mean the social signal is a ranking factor. Social media only brings popularity. 
  • Links don’t matter: Page rank is a top factor in Google rankings and is purely based on links. Links do matter; they are the best input for recognizing how popular content or piece of information is. 
  • Content doesn’t matter: Even with all the SEO, content is king. Content is the only thing that tells Google about the user experience. 
  • Only #1 rank in Google matters: It is true that the first position in search engine receives the most organic traffic, but #2 position or #3 positions are not too bad.
  • Google Ads can increase organic ranking: Members of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agencies claim that. But this is not true. There is no evidence that Google Ads can improve your organic search rankings. 
  • SEO doesn’t work: Due to a significant decline in organic reach, many marketers prefer paid media; instead of SEO, but that doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t work. SEO still works. It requires patience and time. 

You should leave these SEO myths behind and do not hesitate to utilize the best and most effective SEO strategies to grow your business.

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