Take Advantage of Graphic Design Trends

Effective graphic design informs the audience and convinces them to take action. Also, it creates a certain perception in the minds of the audience regarding the brand. The elements responsible for making your designs work are color transitions, personalized fonts, and illustrations.

The world of graphic design is ever-changing, with new trends popping up all the time. So, to have all the tools you need to achieve your brand goals, it’s crucial to constantly sharpen your skills and align them with the latest trends.

Here are some design trends you may want to consider:

Since the advent of mobile web browsing, the best-designed websites are easily navigable on cell phones and tablets. One way to ensure your site works well for mobile browsing is to employ minimalism.

Simple lines, sans serif fonts, and basic geometry are all features of a minimalist design. View your website on a mobile browser. Is it busy and difficult to read? You may consider adopting a minimalist design approach to improve the mobile viewing experience.

Graphic design can miss the mark without the right colors. There are countless color combinations you are able to choose from, so feel free to experiment. 

In 2021, “Dark themes” became popular for web browsers on PC and mobile devices. Take advantage of this by exploring a darker color palette.

Want a brand that stands out? There’s nothing wrong with tried and true color combinations, but there may be a more adventurous option waiting for you on the color wheel. Here are some interesting combinations to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Black and lime
  • Black and red scarlet
  • Soft green and white
  • Mustard and beige

Simple Illustrations
Illustrations are rising in popularity, especially among startups and design agencies. If you’re designing something from scratch, then consider utilizing simple illustrations. They can offer visual interest and help you communicate important information about your brand and value proposition.

Overlay and Overlap
This design trend must be used wisely. Too much overlapping of visual elements may create confusion and obfuscate your message. When done well, it can help create a sense of depth and cohesion in your design.

Overlap images, page elements, and headlines, tying them together with color. 

Some thoughts on design
When it comes to graphic design trends, some have staying power, and some don’t, so whatever you do, stay true to your brand. Nothing beats simplicity and consistency when it comes to branded designs. Don’t just blindly follow the trends! Instead, deploy your experience and let your designer’s intuition take charge. Pay attention to natural and man-made shapes and colors for inspiration.

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