Use Your Website to Capture More Email Addresses

An email address is a precious commodity—it gives you direct access to qualified prospects. Here are some smart ways to ask for email addresses without annoying visitors.

Are you looking forward to connecting with first-time website visitors? Well, capturing email addresses is the ideal way to grow your network and increase conversions. 

Here are some productive ways to do it:

Offer Bonuses

If you intend to ask a visitor’s email, you may want to offer them something rewarding. It could be free access to an ebook, productive templates, weekly updates on blogs, or another offer of true value. Convince your viewers that they will get something useful by sharing their email address.

Use Pop-Ups Strategically

A well-designed pop-up can catch your visitors’ attention. You can create a pop-up with an email form on the main website page to increase signups. 

First, you can try a “scroll-triggered pop-up.” If a person is interested enough to start scrolling, they may be curious enough to get more information from you.

“Exit intent” pop-ups come to the surface only when the user is clicking off the webpage. They divert the attention of the user who is leaving the page towards themselves.

Ensure pop-ups are less interrupting. No one would appreciate it if pop-ups block the content again and again.

Add subscription forms at accessible locations

Put a neat, short and sweet, “Enter your email here” subscription box on the top of your webpage. Also, set it up wherever you display your contact details. Sometimes, an opt-in form placed in the middle of the page will draw a user’s attention as they scroll through the content.

Once you have these emails, remember: The audience always comes first. Don’t send anything that doesn’t add value, and don’t ever share an email address with a third party.

Now, go and use your newly-acquired powers for good!

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