What is a Social Media Marketer?

I mean, they do more than “hang out on social media all day.”

“Oh, I know what a social media marketer is. They are people who get paid to hang out on social media all day and post pictures!”

It’s a common misconception that “social media marketing” is the same as using social media for personal entertainment and connecting with friends. 

A Social Media Marketer is someone who understands the difference between B2B and B2C companies. They know how to leverage different platforms for different audiences. And they can keep a variety of audiences engaged, leading finally to conversion from “follower” to “buyer.”

Here is what Social Media Marketers do:

  1. Analyze the online market
  2. Strategize content and campaigns based on the analysis
  3. Define and target the relevant audience
  4. Study the behavior of the target audience
  5. Create content (work on multiple options and approve them after comparison)
  6. Test the content
  7. Run campaigns that last weeks and months (even years)
  8. Bring in leads by boosting audience engagement online
  9. Apply their knowledge to convert leads
  10. Track results 
  11. Improve the campaigns based on the results
  12. Do it all over again

An active online presence is crucial to the success of most organizations. If you don’t exist in the virtual world, you don’t exist at all for your audience. 

So, pay attention to your social presence. Start developing ways to reach your audience with social media on your own or with a partner.

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