Write Facebook Ad Copy that Connects With Your Audience

Imagine you put in the work to create eye-catching Facebook ads for your business. You get on Facebook, start setting up the ad, and at the last minute, you throw in a brief description of what you offer. So you have your graphic and your Facebook ad copy. Next, you publish the ad and it goes live.

Right off the bat, you see positive results – people like the post, comment on it, and some even share it. People seem to be into the graphic you designed. Impressions and engagements are high… but you have yet to see any leads, phone calls, or form submissions as a result. 

So your ad has a lot of traffic but low conversions. Before you try new creative, increase the budget, or give up completely, try one thing: write compelling ad copy. 

What is Facebook Ad Copy?

Ad copy includes all the words within your ad—its primary text, text on your graphic, the headline, description, and CTA (Call-to-Action) button. 

The primary text refers to what appears in the body of the post. It can be a single line, a paragraph, or broken into multiple lines. So your best option depends upon who your audience is and how you should test to gauge audience response. Depending on the audience, emojis can work extremely well and lead to conversions. 

The headline is the bold text that appears beneath the creative. It usually works in conjunction with the CTA button and should be short, compelling, and attention-grabbing. The headline should drive people to complete the call-to-action.

The link description sits under the headline. It should give your audience an idea of what value they get from clicking on the link. The copy here should further convince viewers why they should accept your value offer. 

Why Ad Copy Matters

On Facebook, ad copy serves as a bridge between the creative imagery the audience first sees and where you want them to go or what you want them to do. The creative piece should be eye-catching and get users to stop and pause for a second. And hopefully, pause long enough for them to read about what you offer. Once they look at your post, it’s up to the ad copy to get viewers to follow the CTA, click the link, give you a call, etc. 

Usually, ad copy presents a problem, tells users how that problem can be solved, and leads in to the extra value they will get from your offer. It helps users know what their journey will be after they’ve followed your CTA. Without well-written ad copy, most people will see ads as an annoyance and disruption to their usual scrolling. 

Compelling ad copy will spell out where users will be led, what they are getting out of it, and how it improves their lives. 

Words and Creative Come Together

Ad copy is extremely important to continuing someone’s journey down the funnel but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the creative. You should still create an eye-catching graphic that will get users to stop and view your ad. From there, create amazing copy that will convince them why they should follow through with your call to action.

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