Reliable Ways to Get Repeat E-Commerce Business

Attracting new customers costs about five times more than nurturing existing ones, so going for repeat e-commerce business is kind of a no-brainer. The more of it you can get, the less money you spend on increasing revenue, and that’s a good feeling. Let’s chase it by exploring a few avenues to repeat e-commerce business:

  • Loyalty Programs

If you want customers to come back, give them a reason to: Offer them a free gift or a discount after they make a certain number of purchases or spend a specific amount of money. Remember: They’ll only sign up for your reward program if they have a good experience the first time around.

  • Post-Purchase Engagement

Send a post-purchase email with resources to help customers get the most out of the product. Or, you can just check in and make them aware that you’re there to help. It’s a good look for your brand because it shows that you care about the customer’s satisfaction and not just the sale.

  • Get Them on Your Email List

There are a few ways to capture emails:

  • Encourage first-time customers to register an account
  • Offer a promotion for subscribing to your newsletters and update emails
  • Create content for your site that’s compelling enough for them to want to see more of it

Once you have their email, you have a way to contact them to inform them about sales and promotions they might be interested in. You can also remind them if they’ve abandoned items in their cart. (If you need help with email marketing, by the way, that’s right in our wheelhouse.)

  • Offer Birthday Rewards

Who doesn’t like birthday presents? Give your customers an excuse to treat themselves to one of your products in the form of a discount, a complimentary item with their next purchase, a free dessert, or something else enticing.

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