Emails You Can Send Automatically When Someone Makes a Purchase

A purchase isn’t the end of a customer cycle, so don’t stop there.

Sending an email after a purchase is a very formal and crisp way of communicating with your customer instantly. And the best part? These days, you can automate the entire sequence of emails!

Here are the basic types of  emails you can send automatically when someone makes a purchase:

  • Thank you:

When a buyer buys your product/service, send them a ‘Thank you’ email. In this email, thank them for making the purchase and choosing your brand. For first-time customers, you could choose to add benefits such as free delivery or discount coupons for the next purchase. This will make them come back to you for more.

  • Feedback and review request:

Give your customer a few days to use your product. Then, email them with a feedback or/and review request such as, “Hi [name], did you enjoy your product? Tell us more about it!” You can also ask them to rate your app or website. These testimonials will speak of your product’s success, and also allow you to improve the quality of customer service and satisfaction. Oh, and user-generated content always pays off in SEO!

  • “Trigger” emails based on behavior:

Based on the purchasing behavior of the customer, you can send them emails recommending similar products. Similarly, you can also share relevant blog posts on how to use that particular product, or even any events you may be hosting near them, that you’d like them to attend. Such tactics work as a catalyst to convince the buyers to make new purchases and be involved with your brand.

Bonus: if you have an app and know that the customer has ordered via the website, add “Have you tried our app yet?” in your emails. Onboard more customers to your app!

Ready, set, automate!

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