Video Marketing: Crafting Video for Your Audience

Videos are proven to be catchier and more impactful than images and written text. Brands across the globe are leveraging video to increase brand awareness and sales. The audience, conversely, spend 88% more time on video-based content.

It doesn’t matter how cutting-edge your video looks if it doesn’t involve your audience, it’s pointless. So, in order to see higher engagement, views, or clicks, consider these tips:

  1. Master storytelling
    Back your message with a story to sound interesting. We grew up with stories, so include an exciting one. In this way, people will see the humanity behind your brand.
  1. Be relevant
    Out of all the creative choices, try to stick with the one that is suitable for your niche. Don’t stretch your ideas to an extent where it’s not relevant to your audience and customers. Also, relevancy increases trust, so maintain it!
  1. Use first 3-seconds wisely
    Ever heard the first impression is the last impression? With video marketing, first-3 seconds are equally essential. If you don’t catch their attention quick, be ready to lose your viewers. To achieve this, design an eye-grabbing thumbnail with a strong headline.
  1. Get emotional
    We’re emotional creatures, so prepare the video script keeping this in mind. Try to keep it real and involve your viewers emotionally. Moreover, talk to them as if you’re talking to a friend, resonate with them.

That’s just a drop in the bucket of video marketing. Video ROI is largely dependent on each video’s ability to make a human connection. Moreover, you don’t necessarily need high-end equipment to make an affecting video, so don’t wait; Begin to consider how you can use video today.

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