Creating An SEO-friendly Blog

Writing yourself an SEO-friendly blog is a task that requires some effort and time. You can’t wake up one day and be like, “I will master SEO today,” because that’s not how it works. From understanding keyword density to laying them out in the article, there are plenty of aspects which need to be taken care of.

Here are some tips which can help you in creating a clean, SEO-friendly blog:

  • Create a structure:

You need to have a clear structure for your SEO post before you begin and this means you should take care of:

  • An exciting introduction
  • A strong body of content
  • A compelling conclusion
  • Use headers and paras:

Before you embark on writing the content, you need to ensure that each paragraph says something relevant. You need to summarize your main idea into a few sentences and these need to come out in the headers and paras.

These factors are important for readability as headers can help readers understand a specific part of your text. 

  • Use words for transition:

There are transition words which can help people easily skim through the text and understand the relationship between paragraphs and sentences. Suppose there’s an article on three reasons to buy your product, you can use transition words such as “finally”, “similarly” or “for example.”

  • Use related keywords:

Don’t stuff your articles with keywords because Google wants you to share content that users can read and love. Use synonyms and related keywords and that’ll make life easier!

Use these tips and begin your SEO journey on the right foot!

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