Creative Ways to Create Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials Demonstrate the Power of Your Brand

Why create video testimonials at all? Testimonials can be extremely valuable for businesses. Want to showcase expertise, build credibility, acquire trust, and improve your brand’s image? Create testimonials!

Testimonials can take many forms. In this article, we will explore how to create one of the most creative and promising types of testimonials – Video testimonials. 

The primary focal point when creating a video testimonial should be to use the concept of “Show, don’t tell.” In this way, you focus on showing tangible and valid results to your potential customers instead of plainly stating your product’s benefits. Keeping this in mind, ask your customer to narrate a story of their journey with your product or services. For example, a before and after body transformation story for a fitness brand will improve its reliability immensely.

Tap into Audience Emotion

To make the most of this success story, prioritize emotion first; later comes action. 

Building an emotional connection is much easier through a video than through text. Consumers make choices in connection with their emotional state. Emotions are leveraged to help an audience identify with a product, and then buy said product. These emotions: anger, happiness, or compassion give more meaning and depth to the experience of a brand or product. Therefore, targeting an emotion goes a long way in converting prospective leads to real customers! 

Next, attention to detail is important such as investing in the quality and production of your video testimonials; switching up a few things based on your target audience; knowing your target audience, etc. While creating video testimonials, your customer is your prime brand advocate, therefore, adding select text and graphics can help make their story even more captivating.

Lastly, your video testimonial should have a clear message. When it does, the purpose and expected results from the video testimonial are well-defined. Moreover, having a strong agenda answers the difficult question: “Why would the audience care to watch this video?” 

Here’s your chance to rethink this burning question and execute video testimonials to upscale your brand right away!

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