Current Trends for Mobile Apps and Websites

It is important for business owners and operators to stay informed on the latest marketing trends in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

Here are some trends that are seeing growth right now, especially for mobile websites.

Artificial intelligence utilities

Artificial intelligence plays a major role in the world of mobile browsing. Tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana are major examples of consumer-level AI that have made your audience more familiar with AI utilities. You might have even installed AI customer service bots on your website.

AI tools are trending because they’re more useful than ever! Whatever value your website offers to visitors can be enhanced with AI functionality, so don’t be afraid to look for tools that will suit your purpose.

Location-based technology 

Tablets and smartphones track our location, with many apps depending on location tracking. You may have noticed mobile apps asking for your permission to track location when you install them.

You can’t even use some of those apps to their full potential if you won’t give them access to your location.

They do this, among other reasons, to enhance their marketing campaigns. If a business knows where their users are, it can send them targeted ads based on their location. 

Augmented reality 

Augmented reality is a technology that “augments” images, videos, and live feeds with additional objects or visual filters. The face filters on Instagram are one popular example of augmented reality. Mobile apps can use this feature to generate revenue or help consumers understand the size of a given product in their personal space. 

People love watching the modified versions of things. Based on the success of Snapchat and Instagram, more and more businesses are trying to incorporate augmented reality into their mobile technology. 

Technology is constantly evolving. Give careful consideration to technological trends and think about how your business could benefit from them!

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