Find Effective Content Ideas for Your Instagram Feed

Do you plan out your Instagram content ahead of time? If so, there are some fun, imaginative ways you can use your Instagram feed.

You can visually express your value proposition with a well-planned content feed on Instagram, which is crucial for turning visitors into followers.

Find a consistent aesthetic that works for your brand.

View Instagram profiles for brands you recognize and respect. Note the kind of content they share and take note of content you think would work well for your brand.

While you’re perusing your favorite profiles, consider what kind of content approach and visual style would best connect with your audience.

If your business has already developed strong brand guidelines, allow your visual approach on social media to adhere to those guidelines, with some added flair. Your company’s colors and logo should already be well-represented on your social feeds, so make sure the look of your content doesn’t clash with what you have already established.

What should you post?

Once you have made your aesthetic choices regarding graphics and photo choices, think about what kind of posts work well with that aesthetic. Also, consider what kind of visual content and information your audience will be looking for. Mix in promotional messaging with content that reflects your brand identity and consumer interests. 

Find a way to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) to your feed to help build a sense of community. For instance, a pet supply store may want to feature customer pet pics to liven up the feed and drive community engagement!

Great social media feeds are built on plans.

It’s now time to consider how your posts will appear in your feed as a whole. Plan a variety of posts based on themes that relate to your brand and marketing goals.

Whatever editing techniques you use, consider how your Instagram posts will look next to one another. Make it as simple as possible for your followers to navigate through your feed and gain a solid understanding of your brand.

Define your aesthetic, plan out your posts, and watch your Instagram feed become a more effective communicator of your brand’s values!

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