Don’t Make These Video Editing Mistakes

Editing videos is a daunting task, and if you are a novice in video editing, there is a high chance you will make mistakes. Luckily, most of these mistakes can be easily avoided or can be corrected after production:

  • Uneven frame: Before hitting the record button, make sure your frame is appropriately adjusted. Take note of how much space is left around your subject. This will also allow you more space for editing later.
  • Poor or inconsistent audio: Newbie editors often struggle with audio components arrangement. While editing, you need to make sure the music blends in with your video’s other audio components. 
  • The music doesn’t fit: There is nothing worse than watching a sales video with an emotional music background, or listening to dramatic audio in an animated video. When you are looking for the music for your video, search according to the genre and mood of your video.
  • Improper pacing: When fast edits get mismatched with slow music or vice versa, the pace isn’t set properly. You need to select a soundtrack that sets the right pace.
  • Incomplete transitions: Your video will have multiple distractions if the length of your transition is longer than the clip. You should always make sure the clip is adjusted according to the transition time.
  • Inconsistent graphics: You don’t have to become a graphic designer to edit videos, but you should always make sure the font’s style, color, and size are consistent in your videos. You need to pick a specific color palette, font style, and font size and always stick with them. 

We all make mistakes occasionally, but most of these can be fixed easily by pushing a few buttons for video editing.

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