Four Food Brands with Delicious Copywriting

Popular food brands rely on high-quality imagery and design to sell their products, but they also rely on copywriting. Good food copywriting triggers an emotional response and also a physical craving. Here are a few examples of brands that have great copywriting.

RX Bar: RX Bar has very clear and concise copywriting. They do not list countless and hard-to-read ingredients and use no marketing jargon. Their copywriting is a simple attempt to sell motivation.

Ben and Jerry: Ben and Jerry, this food brand uses a personal tone to evoke the emotion of actually eating chocolate chip ice cream. This brand uses clever and descriptive product names to more effectively relate to the consumer.

Ugly drinks: Ugly drink is a deliberately bold brand and its copywriting shows that the brand is not pretending to be something it isn’t. It is to the point and tells customers what they can expect from this drink. 

Beyond Meat: Beyond Meat uses copywriting to counteract any sneering against vegan or plant-based food. It uses similar words and phrases that you will see on a regular meat-based product. Through its compelling copy, Beyond Meat attracts and engages former or current meat-eaters.

Food businesses can gain a lot of inspiration from these brands. Which one did you like best?