Graphic Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

Audiences have high expectations when it comes to graphic design, and how you approach design challenges will have a major impact on your marketing efforts. A careful approach to branding and graphic design will help you establish trust with your audience just starting their consumer journey.

Here are some common graphic design mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Unedited material: Simple spelling mistakes may be enough to sway consumers away from your brand. Read anything you plan to post multiple times to ensure accuracy, and double-check all visual elements to make sure they are appropriate for your use case.

Poor choice of color: It is important to choose colors that fit your brand and stick to them. When designing graphics for your brand, utilize a color palette that fits with your brand identity.

Most brands choose three or fewer colors to use in all of their branding assets.

Overuse of filters: Image filters can be a quick way to improve the look of a photograph but beware of using filters that distort your image too much. Using multiple filters is also discouraged. Keep your photo editing minimal and tasteful!

Hierarchy: Always showcase your information in the rank order of importance. This allows the readers to trace out the chief elements. Make sure the most important information is big, bold, and impossible to miss.

Avoid the aforementioned mistakes to enhance your graphic design strategy and represent your brand better.