How SEO Works on Social Media

Two of the most important pillars of digital marketing are social media and SEO. The former allows you to showcase your products en masse while the latter allows you to target customers with an intent to purchase. However, what happens when the two of them come together?

SEO and social media together can generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your website or eCommerce page. Here’s how:

Social media can drive SEO:

When done correctly, SEO is all about identifying demand on the basis of the search. Looking at the needs of your target audience is the most effective strategy when it comes to planning for content and selecting what to post on social media.

People increasingly use social media networks not just to communicate with one another, but also to get knowledge about various topics. Essentially, social media is becoming more and more of a search engine in its own right.

Conducting keyword research and using those keywords in your writing will help your content rank higher on key search engines such as Google. It may be beneficial to do the very same thing with social media profiles as well as posts in the future.

How to align SEO and social media

Here are a few tips to align both social media and SEO:

  1. Develop your social media content plan with the help of an SEO specialist
  2. Share SEO content on social media
  3. Make SEO content optimized for sharing
  4. Use Two-way targeting

Once you begin incorporating SEO for social media, you’ll begin noticing that the social media traffic is also highly targeted with an intent to purchase.

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