How to Organically Gain Followers on Social Media

An audience that is grown organically is the best foundation for marketing on social media. Paid advertising allows brands to expand their reach and create awareness, but organic growth fosters loyalty and brand recognition. There are many ways to gain followers on social media, but organic methods will give you an audience that truly clicks with your brand.

The challenges of building a following on social media are plenty. The competition is active, content creation is non-stop, and search algorithms are always changing. 

When a brand relies on paid advertising alone, the business’s success becomes partially dependent on continuing to advertise. A business that has gained followers organically can rely on that loyal audience for continued interactions and useful analytics.

How to Gain Followers Organically on Social Media

In 2022, social media companies are focused on engagement. This may seem daunting for brands that have become accustomed to putting social media on autopilot. In truth, this change is highly beneficial for building a strong reputation. 

It is more important than ever that brands consider the value they can offer their social media followers. Marketing on social media must go beyond what is being sold. A brand’s platform needs to impact its audience while telling the story of the company.

Diversify the Brand’s Content

An essential aspect of organically gaining followers on any social media platform is diversifying the content created. For example, Instagram favors accounts that utilize all of its features. These features include posting to Stories, sharing Reels, and going Live.

It’s also important to diversify content to create a positive experience for followers. From giveaways and polls to video series and industry-specific trends: brands should focus on creating content that transforms passive followers into engaged fans. 

Consistency is Key

Most basically, social media algorithms want to give users more of what they already like. A follower who engages with a brand’s post everyday will see that brand’s posts near the top of their social feed.

Therefore, it’s important to provide followers with content they can engage with on a regular basis. This, in turn, keeps the content relevant to that user because of the algorithm.  One of the most important aspects of building a following organically is publishing content daily. 

The balance here, of course, is that the content must still be interesting. Posting content simply to be consistent will not work. Content must be both consistent and interesting. One without the other will lead to sporadic results that are difficult to analyze when improving a marketing strategy. 

You Need Persistence to Gain Followers on Social Media

Digital marketing is as much of an art as it is a science. The best marketers learn from what works and know how to pivot away from what does not. When building a following on social media, notice who engages. Consider what other pain points that same person might experience. Make content for them and see how many similar people also follow.

Social media is emotional. It is about connection. Despite the focus on analytics, marketing is about impacting individuals. Brands that are able to tell their story while creating a positive impact will be able to turn followers into customers.

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