How to Research Keywords for SEO

One of the most important processes of SEO is keyword research. This is the process of searching for and analyzing search items which people enter into search engines for a specific purpose – which more often than not is SEO or marketing. 

Good keyword research can uncover certain queries to target and helps in understanding the popularity of said queries and the overall ranking difficulties among others. 

Here’s how you can do proper keyword research for SEO:

  • Creating relevant topics based on business:

You need to first think about those topics you’d like to rank in terms of the generic buckets. Once you come up with around 5 to 10 buckets, you can use them later in the process. You can create buyer personas and start from there.

Once you understand the niche you’re operating in, you can dissect the data to gauge which topics are the most important and take it forward from there. 

  • Fill the topic buckets with necessary keywords:

Once you have topic buckets to focus on, you need to identify the keywords which fall under these buckets. These are phrases you think are crucial to rank for SERPs because your intended customer probably conducts searches for those terms. 

  • Understand intent on keyword research and analyse:

User intent is always a key factor, so make sure you understand it well. In order to verify the intent, you can enter the exact keyword into the search engine and see the kind of results and match with the same. 

With these basic steps, you can go about creating your own keyword research for SEO with ease.

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