How to write for B2B and B2C

Companies that are involved in advertising sometimes have to work around B2B and B2C when selling. You have clients in both these domains and it becomes important that you know how to talk to each one without blending in aspects of the two.

Writing for a B2B client is different from writing to a B2C one. Most B2C clients expect you to write directly to an audience while B2B requires you to write to a company head or executive. The variations in writing can make a big difference in convincing them to engage in business with you.

The difference between B2B and B2C writing:

When you’re writing for B2C, you should always consider using emotion and making it feel a lot more personal. Think about it – which decision is driven more by emotion: a nice piece of clothing or a software solution?

B2C buyers are more inclined to purchase based on emotions while B2B buyers purchase based on committees and have a lot of internal businesses processes before finalizing a deal. 

For B2B buyers, you need to help an audience achieve a particular business goal. Readers need to be provided with the information they require, in a format, it can be consumed in, at a time that works best for them. 

Getting to the point, always:

Make sure that you’re always on-point with your communication and get straight to your service or product and what it does when it comes to B2B.  

In short, B2B writing needs to minimize any fluff or hard sales. It’s all about getting straight to the point as buyers don’t have the time to deal with those things. Focus on being relevant, actionable and valuable at the same time and you’re good to go!

One thing’s for sure – the more you write for both types, the better you get as a writer overall!

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