Inside the Mind of a Creative Writer – Important Takeaways

A creative writer is someone who has a tough job – to come up with lines that are memorable, sticky and most importantly convey a clear message to an audience. They’re the crazy ones. The ones who can conjure magic with words and most importantly, they’re the ones who show us how a little can mean a lot!

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a creative writer? Here’s a glimpse:

  • They’re always thinking

A creative writer’s mind is like a sponge. No matter what they see, smell, hear or feel, they’re always absorbing information. While you’re looking at a menu card, they’re the ones thinking about how to make the card look better and what additions could make it go to the next level.

Good creative thinkers always take notes because they know inspiration can strike out of nowhere and they’re prepared to notice it.

  • Not what, but what if?

Creative thinkers are always thinking of the next big idea and they don’t question the negative aspect. For them, it’s a matter of what if… something worked a certain way. The best part of creative thinkers is they’re never afraid to fail because creativity is a byproduct of successful failing.

  • No ego, just ideas

A creative writer’s mind does not have space for egos, but only ideas. They’re constantly looking for the next big thing and if it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that!

The next time you meet a creative writer, ask them if these points ring true!

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