Key Elements Of Brand Identity Design

Companies can achieve recognition faster if their branding is on point. Having a strong brand identity will help you attract visitors, build trust, and convert them into paying customers. Given below are the major elements that you need to make your brand identity strong. 

  • Wordmark or logo: A logo is a primary element that represents a strong brand identity. The logo represents the name and value proposition of the company. Popular brands like Coca-cola, FedEx, Mobil, and CNN have excellent logos. They are memorable, communicative, and bold, creating a strong impression with consumers.
  • Corporate fonts: To build a strong brand identity, you need to decide which fonts you will use on your website and social media posts, and stick to them! You must choose such a typeface that is easy to read and complements your logo.
  • Style consistency: Style consistency is another important element that will help your customers recognize your brand. You should select 2-3 colors that look good together, and will evoke the emotions that you want audiences to associate with you.
  • Shape and form: Shape and form are other important aspects of brand identity. Organic shapes symbolize things that are warm, creative, and natural. On the other hand, straight edges evoke trust, stability, and tradition.
  • Other elements: Other graphic elements like repeating shapes, color overlays, and recognizable photos will also help you strengthen your brand by helping people quickly identify your content.

Building a strong brand identity will help you attract new customers and make your existing customers grow affinity with your company or organization.

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