Lead Generation Funnels – What, Why, How

What are lead generation funnels?

When it comes to building an audience and leads online, your marketing team needs to do it in a systematic approach. The game of digital marketing can be siphoned down into what’s known as a lead generation funnel.

The lead generation funnel, which is also referred to as the lead funnel, provides a systematic approach to help generate leads (leads refer to potential customers). The process involves funnelling the audience into distinct stages until they finally “convert” (make a purchase from your company.)

Why is it important to have a lead generation funnel?

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can advertise to an audience with an intent to purchase. From search engine results to social media ads, all your campaigns begin and end with customers who are more likely to purchase. 

Also, in these scenarios, customers come to you with an intent to purchase, as seen by their searches online. This gives you more leverage to convert, and the lead generation funnel allows you to systematically walk a customer through the entire process.

The lead generation funnel also allows you to understand how to market to customers on each stage of their purchasing journey. 

A lead generation funnel online consists of three stages: 

  • Awareness – When a potential customer comes in contact with your brand online and gets to know what it’s all about.
  • Consideration – This allows customers to know more about why your brand is the one they must transact with and purchase from.
  • Purchase – The final push to convert the potential customer into an actual one by getting them to purchase from you.

How to build a lead generation funnel?

Building a lead generation funnel consists of five primary steps –

  • Mapping the customer journey
    By mapping your target customer’s journey from the point they are aware of you, it becomes easier to know if your marketing efforts are working. You can also conduct surveys and interviews to understand what your audience would like, and then tailor your campaigns around them.
  • Creating great content
    Ultimately, to attract a customer, your content needs to be useful and differentiating. Always keep an eye out for great content and don’t be scared to retrofit the same for your own brand. Make sure you have a consistent and distinct tone of voice.
  • Drive traffic
    Once you are reaching out to a large audience, it’s important to drive the traffic to your site. Do this with a mix of paid and organic SEO searches, social media and email marketing.
  • Collect prospect information
    Once your audience lands on your site, you need to give them something in return for their information (mostly email IDs). You could offer discounts and collect their info for your marketing efforts.
  • Close deals
    Finish things off by getting your sales team to close the deal and by pushing the customer to purchase with enticing offers and discounts.

With these pointers in mind, you can start building your own online lead generation campaigns and start selling successfully!

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