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Boohoo, a popular online fashion firm based in Manchester, was able to see success in 2020. The sales of Boohoo increased by 45% by the end of May of that year. When every company was facing huge losses and looking for ways to survive, how did Boohoo manage to thrive? 

The answer is Influencer Marketing. 

Influencer marketing is a massive part of Boohoo’s marketing strategy. Boohoo partnered with bloggers and influencers from all over the world through Instagram and Snapchat.  

Boohoo has been utilizing social media to its full potential. Nobody had expected the result influencer marketing gave to Boohoo. Boohoo has spent £80 million in influencer marketing and will not stop collaborating with celebrities and influencers any time soon.  

Here are the three valuable lessons we can learn from Boohoo’s success in influencer marketing: 

  • Influencer marketing has never been more powerful: In today’s times, consumers are becoming more and more cautious with what they are buying and where their money is being spent. Consumers like to buy from brands that support a good cause and have a good reputation. Influencers work in changing the perception of consumers about one particular brand. In Boohoo’s influencer marketing strategy, influencers created the link between the consumers and the brand.
  • Authenticity is everything: Building trust with your consumer has become super important because of the number of skeptical consumers. Launching an influencer campaign or doing influencer marketing helps the brand become more authentic and likeable. Boohoo is connected with influencers with a strong sense of authenticity who are genuine fans of their products.
  • The bond between brands and lifestyle is crucial: In today’s times, branding and social media go hand in hand. Many of us now look at social media for outfits and fashion inspiration. Marketers like Boohoo understood this concept and started building connections with well-known influencers. 

How can your brand leverage influencer marketing?

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