Learning From Old Spice: Dream Runner Marketing Campaign

Old Spice is known as one of the best brands for innovative and witty advertising. Their Dream Runner campaign integrates their edginess and whimsical ad campaigns to be showcased in new territory: social media. When it seems like all the marketing campaign ideas have been tried, it’s good to review successful examples.

Marketing Campaign Ideas: Old Spice’s Dream Runner

Old Spice wanted to piggyback on the technological revolution that has been actively adopted by runners. They are able to share their running routes using apps such as Strava and share their results on social media.

The Dream Runner campaign tied back to this activity by asking runners to share photos of their running routes, but with a twist. These routes had to showcase their running paths in the shape of the prize they wanted to win. The hashtag was #RunOldSpice and the tagline said, “If you can run it, you can own it.”

Millennials are 44% more likely to promote products on social media if they are rewarded, and this was exactly what Old Spice counted on. They also promoted the campaign with influencers like Logan Paul, Kevin LaSean, and Shalvis.

The result:

Old Spice’s campaign was a hit, with audiences sharing images of their running routes in the shapes of guitars, coffee cups, and many more. The campaign also won awards, indicating that it was a big hit and a great advertising strategy for the brand. Also, choosing influencers who already tie back to the brand helped their cause. The three primary influencers are all into fitness and this helped mobilize the rest of their audiences to take up the challenge themselves. (Source)

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